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I am a Software Developer living in Seattle, USA. I worked for approx 9 years at Microsoft here in the beautiful Pacific North West. I am now freelance, bringing my experience and a diverse skill set to projects for a variety of clients.

I can guide you through the early stages of project planning and research, help you with information architecture, and help you find the right people to drive the project through to completion. I am experienced in new projects and working in existing code bases, developing solutions that are tailor to fit the requirements.

Latests Works

Current Projects

Tiger Strike - Firestorm Emergency Services

An application to assist in radio direction finding. Work involved a complete rework of the device abstraction layer and new high speed multi threaded moving map display using image tiles.

Work in C#, Microsoft MVC (.Net web stack), C++.


Location based web app for simplifying exchange of location information, E.g. "where are you ?", "I am here", and "Meet me at X".

Work in C#, jquery mobile, Microsoft MVC, javascript, working on the mobile apps right now.

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Client Portal Apps (iPhone, Android)

Simple client portal app (including backend end and secure interface to existing internal database systems) http://www.protosclientportalapp.com/

Built with C# and Xamarin iOS and Android compilers.

Phone and Web Time Keeping System

Incoming phone system handling clocking in and out, via Twilio, Microsoft MVC, IIS and Sql Server. Scaled to approx 550,000 calls per year.

My deepest thoughts (blog)

Click here to visit my Software Engineering blog (http://blog.maerekai.com).

Click here to visit a gallery of a sampling of my photography(https://cdturner.wordpress.com/photo-gallery/).

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